BreakWell supports a thriving, employee-centric workplace culture where everyone’s voice is valued, well-being comes first, and all employees are empowered to pause, de-stress and reset.

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Aligning Work-Life and Well-Being

When it comes to employee satisfaction, most traditional wellness programs, fitness trackers, or even ping pong tables don’t drive results for your employees or your organization. It’s time to change to something that does. And it starts with listening to your employees to uncover what matters most to them.

BreakWell’s 8 Pillars of Well-Being provide the foundation for a tailored, integrated employee-driven solution.

BreakWell can help you uncover the personal and professional needs and values of your employees as well as strategically design and implement holistic well-being solutions that align with your organizational values and goals.

Would Your Employees Say You Care About Them?

Take a look around your office. Are those ping pong tables and beer taps you installed to attract Gen Z just gathering dust? Are the fitness trackers you offered employees wrapped around their wrists or stuffed in their desks?

Let’s face it – most traditional office perks and wellness programs don’t drive employee happiness. It is time to change to something that does.

Today’s employees aren’t just unhappy – they are exhausted, burnt-out and silently screaming for help. The workplace landscape has forever changed as we have entered the time of Re-Prioritization. By uncovering the needs and values of your employees, you can help them achieve true work-life integration.

Start now before they jump ship and join the “Great Resignation” alongside millions of other talented employees. Or worse – they stay, but quietly quit.

Research from the Global Wellness Institute™ reveals that it’s not wellness programs that boost your workers’ health, happiness and productivity – it’s whether your employees identify your company as genuinely “caring.”

7 out of 8 employees say they don’t feel their companies care about them personally.

Help Your Employees Thrive Personally and Professionally

BreakWell helps companies navigate the complexity of employee well-being by leading with compassion. We design and coordinate holistic, EMPLOYEE-DRIVEN programs that encourage EVERYONE to focus on their individual well-being, helping your company reduce turnover and RETAIN your top talent.

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Changing your entire approach to employee well-being can be scary, but losing your best employees is even scarier. BreakWell helps ease the fear that comes with reworking your company’s corporate mindset so that you can build better relationships with your employees.


The greatest workplace perk is HAPPINESS. When employees feel heard and cared about, they feel valued and are more likely to be engaged at work. BreakWell brings what your employees value into focus by listening to what they want and need both personally and professionally, helping identify the gaps between where you succeed and where you fall short.

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After evaluating the results, BreakWell will help you design and lead a collective movement to create true change in the workplace.

Happy employees are 13%
more productive at work.
97% of employees said that well-being and support are critical to attracting and retaining talent in the future.
Appreciation is powerful! Companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20%.
Employees who report being happy at work take 10X fewer sick days than unhappy employees.

BreakWell’s 8 Pillars of Well-Being

Successful well-being programs are not built on pedometers and gym memberships. They are designed by engaging with employees from the get-go and uncovering what matters most to them.

Through a dynamic, holistic framework that focuses on 8 pillars of well-being, BreakWell fosters a workplace culture where all aspects of an employee’s life – personal and professional – are viewed with empathy, compassion and respect.

BreakWell = Accessible self-care in the workplace.

Support Your Greatest Asset
Your People

When your employees believe your company truly cares about them, your benefits include:
  • The ability to compete with large company benefits
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Greater employee engagement and Increased productivity
  • Reduced burnout and turnover
  • Attraction and RETENTION of top talent
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BreakWell at Work

“My goal is to make my company THE best place to work in St. Louis, and hiring BreakWell, well, it’s helped us move in that direction. Since working with Tara and team, we’ve seen our company “Happiness,” as measured by OfficeVibe (third-party software), go up 10%, “Wellness” has climbed 6%, and our Employee Net Promoter Score has climbed almost 14 points! Keep in mind, these scores were already high to begin with, so this increase has put us in a new tier of companies.”

Are You Ready to Create a Culture of Well-Being?

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