The Workplace Revolution Starts With You

BreakWell helps brokers build out employee benefits packages with personalized well-being programs, ensuring both your company and the businesses you serve stay ahead of the competition.

Giving You the Advantage at Open Enrollment

When it comes to retaining talent, your customers are struggling. As more employees flee their companies for new opportunities, shook business owners are quickly realizing that traditional benefits are no longer enough to keep them on board. Sure, health and dental are great, but employees also want solutions that ease their stress and make them feel appreciated.

By partnering with BreakWell, you can wrap a wide range of well-being programs into one single branded solution, shaped to each client’s goals and budget. BreakWell handles all implementation and management of the employee care so there’s no extra work on your end or your customer’s – care is easily accessible to staff members anytime through our wellness platform and provider network.

“Employee well-being is predicted to have the greatest impact on the workplace of the future.” – Forbes, 2021

Smart Solutions for the Clients You Serve

With BreakWell, you can fill in the wellness gaps left behind by insurance companies. Our inclusive, value-added solutions ensure you stand out at open enrollment with multidimensional well-being coverage no other benefit brokers or benefits companies offer.

Most important, because our program is completely turnkey, companies can take full advantage of our services without requiring already-busy HR staff to take on additional work.

Employee-Centric Programs

BreakWell surveys your customers’ employees to discover the solutions they need to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. With their feedback, we can launch a custom program that engages employees at every level of the company.

Personalized Well-Being Platform

Through our corporate wellness platform, employees can grab a front seat to online workshops, access educational content and participate in well-being activities – all of which help them get a step closer to their personal and professional goals every time they log in.

A Impact Team

While insurance companies can connect employees to medical providers, BreakWell expands each person’s care team by adding yoga instructors, financial planners, career coaches, and other specialists to an ever-growing lineup of experts dedicated to their well-being.

62% of employees rank wellness programs as extremely or very important.
happy woman satisfied by breakwell's services

How BreakWell Builds a Better Work Culture

“Our firm understands that healthy, happy, engaged employees will promote a positive culture and create a better experience for our clients. Working with BreakWell has taken our already-existing wellness program to a new level.

Because we have multiple meetings throughout the year and stay in constant communication, we can trust that BreakWell is keeping us on the right path; they help us stay organized, on point, and looking forward. Our employee engagement in the customized wellness program has increased since we started working with BreakWell, and our new hires are excited to participate in the multi-faceted program.

BreakWell makes it easier for our firm to focus on our wellness goals by surveying, planning ahead, and providing a sense of consistency to our employees. BreakWell is there every step of the way, happy to assist in any capacity, and genuinely champion our success.”

Outcomes Your Customers Can Count On

Your clients depend on you to find benefits solutions that can help them escape the fallout of the Great Resignation. Today’s employees have more bargaining power than ever before, and they’re rightfully demanding more from their employers.

You can find the balance between employees’ wellness needs and their employers’ bottom lines by incorporating BreakWell into the benefits packages you offer. Contact us today to learn more about our partnership opportunities.