Create a Collective Culture of Self-Care

As a member of BreakWell’s Professional Partner Network, you can empower employees to value their worth, invest in their health and happiness, and discover true work-life integration.

Your Role in a Better Workspace for All

When employees are overworked and burned out, self-care falls to the bottom of their to-do list. Who has time for a yoga class or therapy session when their days are consumed by work and their nights are spent playing catch-up?

Unfortunately, when work stress is unaddressed, the aftereffects not only impact an employee’s health, but also the well-being of everyone around them. 51% of today’s employees say workplace stress damages their relationships with coworkers and peers, and 54% report it negatively affects their home life. It’s a ruthless cycle most employers can’t break.

But you can.

By joining BreakWell’s Impact Team, you can remove the barriers to happiness by delivering interventions or providing education that reduce the most common workday and life stressors. Whether you’re a career coach, financial services expert, nutritionist, personal trainer, or other comprehensive well-being expert, you can affect real, lasting change in today’s workplace.

How You Can Help Employees BreakWell

With our employee-drive approach to individual well-being, BreakWell connects employers and employees to a lineup of vetted, personal and professional well-being experts. The relationships we’ve built with our customer base allow you to deliver your services direct to thousands of prospective clients, both in workplace group settings and in one-on-one sessions.

Best of all, we can handle the coordination for you. Since launching in 2018, BreakWell has facilitated healthy lifestyle programs – from in-office yoga sessions and group exercise classes to wellness education workshops and meditation sessions – all led by our dedicated partners.

Because our workplace well-being programs are built on employee input, our research has found that employees want more than wellness classes for their physical health. They want a holistic approach to care that addresses their social, emotional and financial health as well. To meet their needs, our growing Provider Network provides connections to a diverse line-up of well-being experts like you who are committed to each employee’s personal and professional development.


How BreakWell Betters Employees’ Lives

“We have had BreakWell do chair massages for our employees on a regular basis for the past few years. Our team looks forward to the break and relaxation time in the middle of a hectic workday. The Massage Therapist makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed as she is the ultimate professional. We continue to hear positive feedback from our staff about how much they love the mini massages. We will continue to provide the benefit to our employees. Thank you for all you do!”

Join the Movement!

If you are a wellness provider, contact BreakWell today to learn how to enroll in our Provider Marketplace. Together, we can make self-care services accessible to any employee at any company.

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