About BreakWell

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Finding True Work-Life Integration: The Story Behind BreakWell

BreakWell founder Tara Kraus is passionate about helping employees live a fulfilled life and is committed to helping companies elevate their employee-care.

During a decade spent in upper management, Tara observed what drove employee happiness and company profits. But, as a single mother of two young children with a demanding career, she also struggled to sustain resiliency in her own day-to-day. Work/life balance was a phase she heard, but not a concept she was living – not even close. Like many of her peers, her career was so woven into the fabric of her self-identity, there was no separation between her personal and professional life.

Tara believed there had to be a better way for employees to live. So, she took a step away from a successful, yet stressful, career to revamp today’s workplace, and in 2018, BreakWell was born. By providing easy access to self-care and holistic well-being programs, Tara offers companies the ability to help their employees live happier and more satisfying lives. When the individual well-being of each employee comes first and companies promote work-life integration, businesses succeed in ways they never expected.

Burnout is increasing. Stress is compounding. Let BreakWell help you.

“I was successful in my career, and from the outside it looked like I was thriving. But on the inside, I was drowning. I worked all day and then would rush to pick up my kids, do all the nighttime kid stuff, and then it was 9:00 p.m., and I had not done anything for myself. I could not keep the pace.”

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