How BreakWell Builds a Better Work Culture

happy woman satisfied by breakwell's services

Cheryl Sept, Director of Co-Counsel Relations at Brown & Crouppen

“Our firm understands that healthy, happy, engaged employees will promote a positive culture and create a better experience for our clients. Working with BreakWell has taken our already-existing wellness program to a new level.


Because we have multiple meetings throughout the year and stay in constant communication, we can trust that BreakWell is keeping us on the right path; they help us stay organized, on point, and looking forward. Our employee engagement in the customized wellness program has increased since we started working with BreakWell, and our new hires are excited to participate in the multi-faceted program.


BreakWell makes it easier for our firm to focus on our wellness goals by surveying, planning ahead, and providing a sense of consistency to our employees. BreakWell is there every step of the way, happy to assist in any capacity, and genuinely champion our success.”

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